Carpenter Ants ~ No cost assessment of home & carpenter ants infestations levels & professional advice on carpenter ant biology & behaviour

Rodents ~ Dealing with rats or mice – We are trained professionals with knowledge of rodent behaviour for effective results in eliminating populations.

Rodent Control ~ Monthly service contracts available

Wasps & Hornets ~ Fast effective relief of dangerous nests

Ants ~ Identify and then treat with the best method for elimination

Fleas ~ Effective treatment including growth inhibitors to stop eggs and larvae from developing.  The adult flea is the least of your problem!

Bed Bugs ~ Inspection, Inspection, Inspection! Effective control using monitoring devices, mattress encasement’s and treatment

Pest Control in General ~ Whatever the pest may be we have the solution to rid your home of unwanted visitors!

Rodent Dropping Clean Up ~ We remove damaged insulation, vapor barrier, wood debris, rodent feces, dead rodents and anything else that is making your crawlspace & attic a hazard and causing odour within your environment. We take all necessary precautions when dealing with exposure to rodent droppings.

Deodorizing and Sanitation ~ We use specialized equipment to treat odor problems with the use of a highly effective non toxic products. This product is used to eliminate odors from rodent infestation, mold & mildew and any other bad smell found in your attic or crawlspace.

Exclusion Work ~ Inspection and remedies to block off rat & mouse entry points

Commercial Contracts  ~ Call today for an evaluation of pest problems 250-537-0089

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