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New Restrictions for Rodenticide’s in Canada

CANADA – As of January 1, 2013, use restrictions for several commercial class rodenticide’s registered for the control of Norway rats, roof rats and house mice will come into effect on product labels. The intent is to prevent the accidental exposure of children and non-target animals.

These restrictions apply to products registered for use in and around buildings or structures. Use of rodenticide’s in areas such as fields, crop land, orchards, landfills (garbage dumps) and nurseries is unchanged unless these areas are open to the public, or bait is accessible to pets or livestock.

The major new requirements are as follows:

  • Bait must either be placed in tamper-resistant bait stations or in locations not accessible to children, pets, livestock and non-target wildlife
  • Outdoor, above-ground placement of rodenticide’s must be contained in tamper-resistant bait stations.
  • Residential and/or outdoor uses of rodenticide’s containing certain active ingredients and concentrate products (diluted by the user into solid or liquid bait) are now prohibited

Bell Labs has just launched the new AMBUSH bait station as a great new station for meeting the requirements of the PMRA rodenticide risk mitigation.  The station is designed specifically to keep the bait safe and secure and away from the reach of any children, pets and other non-target animals.