Are your windows covered with flies?

These flies seem to appear out of no where – especially on a sunny day!

Cluster Flycluster_fly

The cluster fly is a pest in homes and a wide variety of commercial and institutional buildings. The cluster fly larva lives in the soil and feeds on a particular type of earthworm. As the days shorten in the fall the adult cluster fly emerges from the soil and looks for sheltered places to hibernate for the winter. Often times they will tend to get under the siding of homes or work there way into the home through gaps around window casings or loose fitting sash.

The problem with the cluster fly in the home is that at anytime through the winter they can be stimulated by warmth to emerge. Once they emerge from their protected locations they are attracted to lights or windows and will fly about clumsily and are considered to be a nuisance.

Control is generally achieved by applying a pesticide to the exterior walls of the structure in an effort to discourage the insects from entering. This application should be made before any insects enter the structure, generally between the 15th and 30th of August depending upon the weather in any given year.